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Emo/Scene Curly Hair care

I cannot get my hair to chill, any advice for hair care for my naturally curly hair to be less frizzy and annoying??

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Reply by aisha


hey! i have naturally curly hair (its straightened atm) and its super healthy! i have like a 3c-ish hair texture. u should search up a hair type chart on google to check what ur hair texture is (if u dont already know) 

1: INGREDIENTS!! stay away from shampoos and conditioners with SULFATES in them!!!! they increase skin sensitivity and strip ur hair of ur natural oils (which u need), which then causes hair dryness. theres plenty of other ingredients to avoid as well, such as parabens, dimithicone, etc! i highly recommend going on youtube and see what other ingredients to avoid! because there is a LOT more, this website might help as well (https://www.curlsbot.com/)
2: YOUTUBERS!! some curly haired youtubers i recommend are Penny Tovar and BiancaReneeToday (especially her!!). they talk abt products and curly hair a lot on their channels, as well as good brands, and bad brands.
3: MY PERSONAL TIPS!! u should defo use shea moisture they r a safe and trusted brand!! plus u can find them at rlly any store, walmart, target etc! they have a lot of products ranging from shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, curling creams, hair smoothies, and so on! they are pretty affordable as well. PLZ LOOK INTO THEM!!:)) oils can also help, too! castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, tea tree oil, argan oil, the list goes on! 

thats rlly all i have to say, i hope this helps!! xoxo <3

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Reply by x.{finn}.x


when you straighten your hair USE HEAT PROTECTANT. youll know its good when your hair doesnt smell burnt or bad at all after using it. use a lot. they usually come in spray bottles. it will get rid of frizz all together as you can kind of see in my profile pic my pair is like 1A and im usually 3c. it will usually be puffy at the root on the first day but the oils from your head will help to keep it down and it will look normal in no time. if you dont have really oily hair like me then you should be putting oils in it from the african american hair stores (you know the ones with wigs and such). i would recommend the one in a skinny white bottle with a silver top altho it is kinda expensive for so little

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Reply by Casper


Omg I’ve been looking for tips for curly emo/scene hair for so long these are so helpful

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Reply by xxRebellious_Emmaxx


My hair is naturally wavy, but what I like to do is wash my hair with volumizing shampoos and conditioners (to encourage my hair to not curl up as much) once or twice a week, wait a few minutes after getting out of the bath and gently brushing my hair straight with a round brush, blow dry my hair (using heat protectant sprays and the same round brush, of course) until it's fully dry, then straighten the shit out of my hair with my hot comb daily (sometimes I'll use a flat iron as well to really make sure it's pin straight, plus I make sure to also straighten out the underside of my hair) and use cleansing and volumizing dry shampoo powder sprays on my hair to remove the grease from my scalp and to help my hair maintain some volume when I tease it right before setting it in place with holding spray. I make sure to brush my hair with a smoothing brush every morning (before straightening) and every night to remove tangles and make sure my hair is as smooth as it can possibly be and I sleep with my hair in a loose low ponytail behind my head to prevent tangles and discourage as much waving/curling as possible (I used to braid my hair at night before realizing that braids would make my hair wavier and therefore uglier). Additionally, I'll sometimes even pin my bangs as they're drying so that my bangs will dry as straight as possible.

I don't use any curl products except for anti humidity sprays which I apply to the ends of my hair during the summer after I do my daily straightening and use products only meant for those with naturally straight hair, which helps to prep my hair for being straightened out and maintaining its straightness. I also make sure to trim my hair as needed when it's fully straightened out and dry and bleach/dye my hair as needed when my roots have visibly grown out or if the dye is fading.

So yeah, there's my personal hair care routine and I hope this helps you with your hair.

Also, I'd suggest looking into getting your hair relaxed if it hasn't been bleached or dyed using any permanent dyes (though you will need touch ups every 6 months or so). That's the only thing stopping me from having my hair permanently relaxed and if it were safe to do so with color treated hair like mine, I definitely would've started getting relaxing treatments for my unruly hair a long time ago.

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Reply by Hanton123


Maintaining luscious curly locks demands a tailored regimen, blending care and creativity. Embrace the natural bounce and texture with sulfate-free shampoos and hydrating conditioners, nurturing curls from root to tip. Detangle gently with wide-tooth combs, avoiding breakage. Incorporate a nourishing hair mask weekly, infusing moisture and vitality. Opt for lightweight styling products to define curls without weighing them down. For a rejuvenating touch, indulge in the Mounjaro Medication, a botanical elixir renowned for its restorative properties, infusing curls with strength and shine. Embrace the journey, celebrating the beauty of every twist and turn.

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