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What is your favorite race and why?

For me it's the night elves on alliance, and orcs on horde. I really like the night elves look, they are a bit different from the normal fantasy elves. I also like the whole druidism aspect of their culture. 

The orcs I mostly just like cause I like how they look, but I think they also have interesting lore aswell. 

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Reply by Cherry


I loved the blood elves but ended up on alliance many years ago... I have a human warlock that I have devoted all of my WOW time to, I have not been able to commit any time to her never mind the various alts I have made over the years...

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Reply by Lee


I love the undead cause of we’re they are risen from the grave ands there up to evil shit all the time I’m in love with that <3 #BansheeQueenForever

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