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I'm happy to see this group

both as a pan (or now questioning abro) lesbian myself and as someone who likes queer history, this seems to be where the exclusionists have decided to move to and it's really exhausting, but I'm happy to see others like me on Spacehey! 

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Reply by reb


yo okay hold on wait wait, new spacehey user here, and generally out of touch with the queer internet

i just searched up that autistic group you were talking about, charlie, and i'm just genuinely shocked to see this in their description:

"anyone who identifies as an mspec or straight lesbian(or mspec+straight gay) will be banned, lesbiphobia is taken seriously here."

and immediately after stating that they're a xenogender & neopronoun friendly space, no less. that's just. baffling.

we're talking about "mspec" as in "masculine," right? not as in "multisexual"? i mean it sucks either way, i just want to make sure i'm on the same page here.

it would be one thing if they were just straight-up terfs (and i'm sure there are terfs here too) but as someone who comes from a generally very all-inclusive queer bubble, i'm really trying to wrap my head around mspec exclusionists being like, a large and thriving community.

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Reply by weedie weed


>we're talking about "mspec" as in "masculine," right? not as in "multisexual"? i mean it sucks either way, i just want to make sure i'm on the same page here.

Sorry, idk how to quote on here hdknsgxj it's been so long since I used these kinds of forums. Yes they're explicitly talking about multisexuals. Mspec lesbians are lesbians who are primarily attracted to women with the inclusion of other genders. The most ironic part of that is that many anti mspec lesbians are either lesbians attracted to nonbinary people or who are even nonbinary lesbians themselves. They explicitly define lesbian as "non men loving non men" despite that ironically enough, being it's own umbrella term. So they do support mspec lesbians, except they think that mspec explicitly always includes men and male aligned genders. 

This whole thing is a giant mess. This is all for the sake of trying to be inclusive of nonbinary people while vehemently denying that you can't be a multisexual lesbian. But if they're attracted to women AND nonbinary people, then why are they so ass backwards thinking that lesbians can only be monosexual??? It's as if they're stating that nonbinary people are basically just the same as women, even though the only thing we really have in common is the fact that our genders are both marginalized under patriarchy. But nonbinary people aren't just oppressed by men, we're oppressed by women too. The whole entire gender binary dictates our lives from both worlds, this is especially the case with TERFs and anyone who adopts TERF rhetoric like this.

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