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Taoist versus Daoist

In most books you will see 'Taoism' because this was the standard in western scholarship (Wade-Giles).  More recently the Pinyin system has come to be used academically.

For example, Chuang Tzu becomes Zhuangzi, Lieh Tzu becomes Liezi, etc.

More about this can be found at:


I sometimes use the two systems interchangably out of habit.

A conversion table can be found at:

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Reply by Ask for Donna


Pinyin seems much better for representing the actual sounds!

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Reply by The Vampyre Vee


Generally I use the "T" spelling of Taoism since its what most people are familiar with right now. But! I pronounce it always as the "Dao" or "Daoism". as a Spanish speaker myself, the Letter "T" is pronounced as a "TH" so it has the same effect.

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