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What are some of your favorite obscure artists?

I'll start:

Dance with the Dead (darksynth/outrun)
Fiendish Imp (lo-fi dungeon synth)
The Caretaker (concept-centered ballroom vaporwave?)
Wesley Willis (outsider music)
CYNE (alternative hip hop)
Trisomie 21 (French cold wave)
Blitzkid (horror punk)
Kindzadza (darkpsy)
Caroliner (industrial bluegrass)
There are countless others but that's just to get started. Share yours!

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Reply by int3rn3tgirl


Halcali (hip hop/rap and electronic and pop)

Naked Artz (hip hop/rap)

Cibo Matto (rock and other genres)

Pizzicato Five (electronic and pop)

Butter 08 ( rock)

Stereolab ( alternative and indie and electronic)

Broadcast (psycadelic rock i think)

Jerry Paper (indie, pop, electronic)

Enon (indie, pop, kinda electronic)

Satanicpornocultshop (electronic)

Fox + Sui (indie)

Blind Idiot God (rock)

Nina Hagen (pop surprisingly)

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Reply by rain


the caretaker's work is amazing, and i'm glad to see someone else who likes it!

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Reply by ToxicAutopsyMD


Where winters go to die

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Reply by tiffanymustdie


  • shortparis (electronic/experimental?)
  • YIN YIN (jazz/funk - think khruangbin)

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Reply by lena!


Nicole Dollanganger. I followed her on Tumblr when she first started posting the songs she'd recorded on her laptop in her bathroom, and by the time I was in college I got to see her perform live.

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Reply by Goshku


I used to go searching for obscure MySpace era post-hardcore bands that I found via Last.fm. I spent a lot and downloaded a lot of demos and EPs off of old blogspots when I was in college. I have a decent collection. WAY too many to list all of them but a few of my favorites were Darling You Should Be Ashamed, Vena Amori, Death In December and Unwanted Superheroes.

I also went down this weird rabbit-hole of this Argentinian visual-kei/glam band called Romantica and the side projects of the bands members, Karen Fox and Sada respectively. The production on a lot of the songs are pretty rough and the music videos (what remains of them, I cannot find Karen's music videos ANYWHERE but I saved the songs) were usually pretty amatuerish. We're talking Call of the Wintermoon quality. But I always found something endearing about it all regardless. They have this weird enigmatic quality to them that surpasses the "wow, this is rough" factor, I can't quite explain it, but I guess the ear likes what the ear likes.

There was also Widdle Monsters, which was a strange band from Joliet Illinois who wore outlandish monster costumes. Kind of like fucked up muppets if I had to describe them. I have the mp3s of their second album, The Threat of Determination but I'd kill for a physical CD, and unfortunately I can find almost no trace of their original album anywhere. The singer/guitarist, Pan, went on to briefly play for Black Veil Brides in their very early LA lineup before it solidified and did his own solo project after leaving called House of Glass which I also enjoyed a lot, especially his songs Suffer (As I Have) and Serenade In Silence.

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Reply by <3


definitely the band Between the Second. theyve got this sorta early evanescence feel to them (i think two former members of the band worked with them at one point.) only three full songs of theirs have been found, with snippets of other songs found in an evanescence documentary. apparently the guy who put the songs on youtube tried contacting the band members and they told him that they lost all their songs :/

Miphix is also very cool. theyre a metal band from the late 90s/early 00s. the lady has some killer vocals- would recommend if ur into bands like kittie

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