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Miku Expo is only a few hours away to being live!



Starting at 10am Japan time pre-show #1
11am: US performers play (unknown what they meant)
12:30pm concert #1 starts


3pm digital stars radio


Starting at 5pm Japan time pre-show #2
6pm JP performers play
7:30pm concert #2 starts


Starting at 9pm Japan time pre show #3
10pm EU performers play
11:30pm concert #3 starts and Miku Expo ends at 1am Japan time



- DO you need to watch all the concert?

No, you do not need to watch all of it. They will be the same music but the only difference is who will be the performers. If you want to see your favorite artist from Japan than you would wait until concert #2 starts.

- Where can i watch it?

Youtube or Twitch

- Will i be able to watch it if i miss it?

I do not know the answer

- How will i know when it starts or other time problems?

Lucky i made countdowns to each event

Miku Expo #1: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/weekend2?p0=248&iso=20210606T10&msg=Miku%20Expo%20%231

Miku Expo #2: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/vacation?p0=248&iso=20210606T17&msg=Miku%20expo%20%232

Miku Expo #3: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/wfh?p0=248&iso=20210606T21&msg=Miku%20Expo%20%233

As for the question to which time is best for each location, my best understanding is:

Asia/Pacific Ocean/Russia location would be 1 and 2

EU/Africa location would be 2 and 3

US/Latin location is 3

America/Mexico/Canada could in theory watch the 1st one but you have to be staying awake. That goes the same with EU and Africa where people should be sleeping.


Hope this helps anyone who wants to join

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