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Okay guys so I started doing photography again after like 6 years (I did it in HS) and at this point I'm not sure what to shoot! I need suggestions/tips/inspiration  pls&thx

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Reply by Scarecrow Joe


Honestly just shoot whatever interests/inspires you. ┬áFor me the trick has always been just get started, things develop and reveal their interesting nature as you begin to work with them. ┬áItÔÇÖs always easier to find a subject through a viewfinder first.

ThatÔÇÖs my two cents.

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Reply by Illke


Everybody has
certain interests in life. If you are starting again, maybe going back to
basics wouldn't be too bad. I mostly do analog, but for my university I am (to
my disappointment) sometimes forced to work digitally. Now I wasn't too happy
about it, so I decided to act as if I was a complete beginner (I do analog
photography since HS).


I would go
outside or find a good lighting source inside, sometimes even buy some side
things to use as a 'set' background, such as interesting fabric. Now I got a discount
because of family friends selling fabric, but I bet you can thrift even more  interesting,
cheap things yourself even though this isn't necessary. I guess this feeling of preparation for a photoshoot builds up the hype for work and makes you feel like you are working on an actual project. I suggest you try to
set up an interesting still life! It would be a good way to practice with
easier subjects without being too stressed about having a theme.

You can practice composition, light-shadow dynamics, colors, all the possibilities of
your camera, as well (because as I've said, getting back to basics is sometimes
a brilliant thing to do!).

As you get more comfortable with equipment and taking photos in general, you
can go towards more complex stuff. People, the outside, or simply more objects
in a frame.

You can enter the ''topic of my photos'' domain.


I suggest you
simply try to depict things that you like.


For example, I
love to read and watch movies. One of my favorites is Kafka and I want to
direct films. Therefore my school project is trying to make Kafkaesque (if that
is even possible, but it's an inspiration) pictures that make viewers feel as
if they entered a movie and someone paused it.

It's also very good to have favorite photographers ÔÇô for example I fell in love
with names such as William Eggleston, Daido Moriyama or Francesca Woodman.


I ended up trying
to take interesting pictures of the city I live in while trying to keep these
Hockney-like vivid colors, but not too vivid to look too modern, and not
''retro'' enough.

Then I decided to
take experimental half-nudes of my friend who is battling with her self image.  The idea of this is that having certain idols
to go from will help you build on actual ideas. Start with basics to get
comfortable. Then experiment on topics that are directly inspired by artists
that you adore. And then, you should come to this realization that sometimes
blindly following your vision without fear, doubt or judgment can create amazing

All of these things led me to my first student film opportunity, so this might
be a good way to go to discover something about yourself and see how you want
to work in the future

 Also, I advise to pick some books up - and no, I don't mean those boring technical books with cheap paper that teaches you how to use your camera (although I guess those might be useful because internet can be overwhelming sometimes).

I would recommend a book "Why It Does Not Have to be In Focus: Modern Photography Explained" by Jackie Higgins because everyone can take photos and be 'a photographer'. But it takes something else to be an artist.

I hope this
helps! It might not work for everyone, but it's an advice I can give based on experience and I
guess that it's worth a shot as long as it makes you work! 


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Reply by NinjaKat2


couple spaghetti pics should do it

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Reply by Marvin Smith


I like nature photoes. Autumn, trees, beautiful mountain, beaches, human, pet. I like traditional and romantic concept, bing maps path, trending gaming

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Reply by Duncan Jones


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Reply by njmc direct


I would suggest you to click whatever you want to capture. Photography is an excellent art, it takes time but the result would be amazing. 


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Reply by epoxyflooringfortworthtx


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Reply by exad3545


Honestly, capture whatever piques your interest or serves as a source of inspiration. The key, in my experience, is to simply start shooting. As you begin working with your camera, subjects tend to unveil their intriguing aspects. Sometimes, it's easier to discover a compelling subject by looking through the camera's viewfinder first. Visit SRD

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Reply by serkan


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