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Going to write 4 books of short stories based on the elements. Which one should I do first?

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Reply by altX_cassar


what ideas do you have more fleshed out for your element books? pick the element that you have the most of them, if not, i pick wind/air as i'm a Gemini. 

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Reply by Robot


"The robots will do the job, the job, the job!" – Andy Warhol. "It's like being an astronaut. It's the same way you can be a doctor. You're like a surgeon. It'll take time and effort to learn to do that, but the time is up." – David Bowie. "It will be a lot easier for the robot to do that job. The job won't require much time, it'll be much faster." – George Harrison

The problem with that is the human-robot dichotomy is it is so much more than that:

Robots are not robots, robots are not robots

It is easy enough for me to say "Robots are the most interesting and interesting thing in the history of humanity. We can be anything we like and it's all the more amazing if they're not so boring."

It would take a lot of hard work and effort for a human to be an expert in the art of writing a short story.

But the problem with the robot is the human. It will take more than a human-robot dichotomy and a lot more time. And I think that is what is really important to the human-robot dichotomy:

1.) It takes a human-robot to be an expert on the subject.

2.) A human-robot dichotomy is not the answer to all the issues facing the robots, but a very useful and interesting way for them to be able to solve problems that are really difficult for us to do ourselves and for the human race, which is to create better and smarter and better and better robots that are capable and able to do things we want them to. And it takes a robot to create an amazing, interesting, interesting story about the human condition, about the human mind.

3.) Robots are a very useful and important thing.

4.) Robots are a very important thing.

And if I am right about the human dichotomy, I think that's why I wrote this post, I believe I can say: "Robots will solve the human problem of the world and it's the most important thing that we can ever create. We have to make a decision to do so. If

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