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What's the next big update for SpaceHey?

Things have been slowing down on the development end for the website as far as the bigger additions go. The small updates like layout improvements are great, and I am super glad An is on top of making sure this website is running smoothly. 

Outside of  the forum and bulletin features, who else here is waiting for album uploads and groups? And what will it take to be able to make this feature a dream come true. I can imagine with more features, requires more data/memory and this would probably increase the cost of the website. I think we all forget that small websites like these need financial help. I guess what we can say for now is to support the website by buying from the store and of course, being vocal about it on other social media websites. 

But what and when do you think the next big feature will be added to this amazing website?

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Reply by ~*$@M*~


I really hope the next big update is groups. It would be a lot easier to meet people on here with the same interests that way. It sort of is easier now that we can sort through the forums, but yeah, groups would be cool. 

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Reply by An


I released the first version of Groups about 2 weeks ago! I'd love to get any feedback you got about it so I can improve it!

Regarding Photos: you're right, I haven't added this feature yet because of the costs. Adding a photos feature would drastically increase the required storage space on my servers and thus the costs for me. Until I don't have any solid plans on how to fund it, it wouldn't be possible for me to add this feature...

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