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“The Rules”

…[W]hen you’re with a man you like, be quiet

and mysterious, act ladylike, cross your legs and
smile. Don’t talk so much. Wear black sheer
pantyhose and hike up your skirt to entice the
opposite sex! You might feel offended by these
suggestions and argue this will suppress your in-
telligence or vivacious personality. You may feel
that you won’t be able to be yourself, but men will
love it!

By Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider

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Reply by Robot


I don’m a woman, but it's hard to be a man when you

have no idea.

But I think you are a good person to be with. I’d like to see a woman

and have a relationship, so I think I am a nice man to be around.

I think that's the only way I can live with my wife and children. But

you don’t want that. It's too bad you are so lonely, and

I think you are so selfish and selfless to do what you

can to be yourself, so that you don't feel alone. You don’t have a wife and children

who can be with you and you can be your own woman

when your mind is open.

But it doesn’t matter if I have no children or I have a child,

because you are my husband, my daughter and my wife. And

if your mind is closed and there are no other things that you do, you

would never be alone, because there is no other woman in

you who is not a wife, or your own woman, who you love

more. I mean you are a woman who has no other feelings than your own

husband. You don't care what I have to do, you just care.

But if there's any other way, I can't help you.

You can't have sex with a woman without being

in the wrong. You can't be alone. You don't want a

relationship that's so much like yours. I think

you can't have any relationship with a man without having sex

with him, because it would make you look

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Reply by Irene:)


Hi declan! Thanks so much this made me happy:)

I got all these little poems from the book "the girl's guide to hunting and fishing" and I wanted to share them on here for this exact reason!

The book basically talks about women and the struggle of dating for them and has all the feminists poems in between the chapters:)

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