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7 Best GBA Games That You Must Play Right Now

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

While Game Boy Advance has plenty of interesting handheld entries
in the series like Mario land games and Link’s Awakening, Mario Kart was always
out of reach. That is why Mario Kart: Super Circuit was designed. In this, you
will be around Themed Mario tracks, trying to kick other racers out with items
like red shells and bombs. In the list of
best GBA games, this one is the most

Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Astro Boy is one of the manga creations of all time. Well, don’t
think much about Astro Boy, as it's just a name. One of the greatest 2D side
shooters on GBA, the game is easy enough that anyone can play it. Almost
inspired by manga and featuring a well-embedded story, it will take several
chances for a true ending. It's fantastic 2D shooting and beautiful visuals
made this on your must-play list.   

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The sonic Advance series was excellent and if you like Zelda check out Minish Cap for one of the most underrated adventures

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