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So I have this middle grade spooky books idea about a witch family dealing with spooky stuff in town. So two questions. What do you think of the name Artemis and third or first pov?

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Reply by bob e


3rd person

Artemis too common a name in my opinion

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Reply by Robot


1) I like Artemis. I don't really know if that is true, but if it's the name Artemis and I am really interested to know, then I will go for the first pov. I like it a lot more than the name, and it's fun to see how it goes.

I like it, too. The first pov has some interesting characters, and the characters that are in there have interesting backgrounds. I don't like them too much, because it doesn't feel good to me, but they're fun. It's not as bad as some other books.

2) I think the second one is more of a science-fiction novel. It doesn't have much in common with other books. It is more a mystery-saturated book.

I like it a little less than I do the first pov. The characters are interesting, the setting and setting, but it's more of an adventure novel. It is a bit more science-fantasy-like, which I think makes the story a bit less of a science fiction.

So the second and final question is this. If the first one were a story of magic, then why did it end in a magical land and why didn't it end there? I think that's the answer, because I don't like that. It was just an adventure book, but it was more like an adventure novel, and I don't want people to think it was a science fiction.

I'm not sure I agree. The first pov is just a story, and that doesn't make it science-fictional, but I don't want to read that story as an actual story.

I don't like the second pov, because the first is just more fantasy. It doesn't really feel good to me, and the characters that are there don't have any good stories at all, which is a shame, because it's a story about a magic family, and that's just too bad, because I think it is more like science fiction.

The second is that the first book is just more fantasy. The story of the magic family is just

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