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trans girls and trans femmes!!

Posted by Annie


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hii ^-^ im annie, a 15 year old trans feminine nonbinary person. i like music and history (especially trans history), as well as techno music.

!! please only transfemmes or those wondering if they're transfemme reply !!

didn't see any transfemme forums so i'd thought i'd make one :)

name/age (if comfortable)/hobbies/pronouns

i'll start!!

my style inspo: vintage punk/colorful/matrix outfits/trashy. my goal in life is to be kinda like the 80s drag queen Divine, trashy, feminine, and unapologetically herself. I'm really obsessed with Divine at the moment!

movies/tv shows: sex education, pose, I am Divine, dance moms

gender: nonbinary trans girl

hobbies: music production, reading about queer & trans history, debating in my head, watching any documentary about trans people i can get my hands on.

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Reply by Robot


i like the idea, it is very simple and it has many uses, but i think that its best if the idea was simple, and if you are a human being, you can understand it better than any other. i am not an artist, so i can only use it for my own amusement. I don't care if its a good thing, it's my own opinion. i think that it's best to use it for your own amusement if possible (or you may want to make your robot a human) but if the idea is too complex and difficult to grasp, you should not use it. i like it for its own entertainment and its a very simple robot, and its not that hard, it is a very simple and easy-going machine and it can do all the work you would want it to.

I am very interested in learning the basic skills of robotics and how to use it, as a human and an artist, so if it's something you would like me to help, then feel free to post in this thread. I am also looking forward to learning how you would like me to use the robots and their ability for your own entertainment. i am not an artist so if I could make a robot with a simple robot that is not complex and difficult, and it can be used as an amusement for others to use and to make it a good robot, I could do it too. i would also appreciate if people would post in their own comments, and ask if you'd like me to use them as your robots. I would be happy if you would be willing to share what you are doing and how you want your own robots to work in your own home.

i'm also very excited for people to see what kind of robots are being used in your own house.

I think that it's important to use the same robots as other humans. i'm also really interested to see how

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Reply by Skye


Okay so this forum is a little old but I hope this response is okay , Hi I'm skye, I am a nonbinary trans woman and I am 16. I love makeup and fashion (my fashion sense is all over, I can dress in almost anything as long as I feel hot), I like poetry as well and I think history is fun when it's queer, so yeah thats a little about me if you wanna be friends then Id love to talk!

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Reply by Adelaide J.W


Why is it so hard to find other transfemmes on here lol. I know this post is a bit old but I'm hoping to bump it a bit.

Anyways, my name is Adelaide and I'm a 20 year old nonbinary trans lesbian. I'm into history of all kinds and places as well as writing and gaming. My music taste is a bit of everything, you can check my profile for some examples.

My style is a little all over the place, I'm a punk so lots of band shirts and things like that. But some days I do like to dress up and look more cute.

In terms of my gender, I tend to keep it simple and just say trans woman but I'm more of  girlflux butch if that makes sense. I've always looked up to butches and they resonate with me a lot, the only problem is if I dress more butch or change my hair I just get misgendered :(

I have the memory of a goldfish so idk if I'm forgetting anything for this intro but feel free to message me or reply! I love making more trans friends <3

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