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I draw BL stuff

Posted by Resa


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Hey guys I am new here and I wanted to share my latest drawings

I love kpop and bl so my art does reflect that. I hope you like it, if not kindly move to a different thread 

I am also on insta and fb just look for resacomix

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Reply by Resa


I also finally figured out how to properly embed pictures. Sorry for any inconvenience I haven't done this in a while

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spaghetti loves it

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Reply by Rodolfo Wehner


Drawings are my passion. I love drawing and creating new things, and I don't care what they look like as long as they're fun and interesting to look at.I draw BL stuff because it's a fun challenge for me. One of my friends requested me to visit website where you can get help with your coursework. I want people who look at my art to enjoy it, so I make sure that my drawings are aesthetically pleasing, even if they're NSFW in nature.

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