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Ghost Rider 1973-2021

Every once in awhile I feel like reading the entire runs and major appearances of many Marvel/DC Heroes I've done Blade, Prez Teenage President (easy), and others

Anyway I just read every run of Ghost Rider ever, I always considered him my favorite Marvel hero but I haven't read much but now I can call myself a true fan!

It's neat seeing how a character evolves from his original appearance to now, Ghost Rider is such a tough badass metal character but his early adventures where very goofy at least till the 90s

anyone else a Ghost Rider fan anything to share! I might jump and read every Captain Atom appearance at DC I always considered him my DC favorite! 

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Reply by Hispanic At The Discord


What was the breakdown of the series you went through? I'd love to do the same. I have always dug all renditions of Ghost Rider through the years and would love to learn more. 

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Reply by Milkescout


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Reply by stunningbench


It's wonderful to observe how a character has changed over time, and Ghost Rider's transformation from a funny metal figure to a strong badass free games is a great example.

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