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how do you change text color on your page?

Posted by JoshOnset


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feel free to send the coding into the comments, I'm really new to CSS and I wanna pimp myspace page as quick as possible, there are not many Spacehey tutorials on youtube.

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Reply by SDesires


This covers most of the text on your page, and I included the background picture and color that you already had. Feel free to change the colors to how you want them to look. Also remember to have an end bracket for each CSS style:) I hope this helps you a little!

  body {
    background: url(https://i.pinimg.com/originals/17/9b/0f/179b0f379d6e0e4a105920ff25f83e87.jpg) no-repeat center center
    -webkit-background-size: cover;
    -moz-background-size: cover;
    -o-background-size: cover;
    background-size: cover;
.profile {
    background: red; /*not sure if you were trying to have your background red first or not, but CSS will show the second styling of the same element*/
.profile {
    background-color: #d90166;
    color: #00d974; /*your text color for most of the page - this is the complimentary color for the magenta that you chose. Feel free to change it*/

/*these are your various headers, I have used yellow to show you which text is affected by this code. Feel free to change them to what you prefer. If you want individual headers to be different colors then you have to write each one in a separate piece of code.*/
h3 , h4, h5, .url-info b {
    color: #f8fc07;  

/*This is the color of the links on your page. I have set them to green so you can see what they are. Feel free to change them to your preferred color*/
a {
     color: #13fc07;

/* color of the normal text on your page. I have set this to purple so that you know which text is affected. Feel free to change it to what you prefer*/
p, h2 {
     color: #5d02f9;
/* color of friend's names in the comments, number of friends and your name. This I set to orange */ 
h1, .count, .friends a p {
     color: #f99b02;

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