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My Teamspeak 3 Server

Teamspeak is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application, so you can talk to people over the internet much like Discord. It is older than Discord, but I have a soft spot for it despite it being pretty much dead due to Discord's popularity, but SpaceHey is literally a throwback of a dead social media platform so it is fitting.

No one uses Teamspeak anymore, but I made one for fun using Amazon Web Services. If you want to join you are free to! When i'm on my desktop PC I will most likely be chilling there muted.

Teamspeak has an older UI and not as user friendly as Discord so I made a little tutorial with pictures so people can easily access it here:

The mobile app on the Google Play Store is .99 cents, so I wouldn't recommend buying it but on PC it's free.

Once you installed the program, you can join it with this link


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