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How to add a custom background for your profile !!


I just created this account yesterday and I'm currently learning how to customize it by watching videos on YouTube. It took me forever until I started getting a hang of things but I did manage to add a custom background. I thought I would share how in case
anyone else wanted to add their own (: 


1) Find an image. 

            a) Not all images will work depending on the form of the url link. 
            b) You can't copy and paste a link directly from Google or Pinterest. 
            c) You have to drag that image and drop it into a new tab. 
            b) Now we can move onto the next step.  

2) Copy and paste the link below in a new tab.    

            a) You will be directed to a site that mirrors the layout of a spacehey profile. 
            b) At the bottom you will see an "editor" with a coding system. 
            c) On the left side of the editor you will see numbers in each row. 
            d) Hover your curser over the editor and scroll down, find row 15. 
            e) There should be a url link in yellow. This is for the current background. 

3) Importing the image. 

            a) Carefully delete the text in yellow. 
            b) Go back to your selected image. 
            c) Copy the url and go to the editor. 
            b) Paste the link where the yellow text use to be. 
            e) You should see your image in the background. 
3) Final step. 

            a) Go to the editor, highlight all the text and copy it. 
            b) Open a new tab and go to your spacehey profile. 
            c) Go to where you edit your profile. (general, music etc.)
            b) Paste the text in any of these boxes. 
            e) Select "save all" then "view your profile."


Congrats! You've successfully added your own custom background. If something didn't work or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or message me. 

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