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Where's my Tampa Bay area representatives?!

I wanna hear from all my fellow gator wranglin', Pubsub eatin', hurricane hustlin', Florida AF yee-yees*!
*Yee-yee status not required.

Name/age/city/cool thing about you
I do ask any minors that may post here to *practice internet safety.*

I'm Drew, 26 (27 on 4/19), Clearwater resident, from Cincinnati, OH.
I own an awesome kava bar that offers a SpaceHey discount: Dharma Kava Lounge

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"Yee-Yee status not required" Lmao

Lis, 27, Palm Harbor area and I really don't know if this is consider something cool since it was so long ago and not a normal thing I do but a drawing I did in school was placed in a contest and was shown in a museum for a day. 

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