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Newbie here needs tips

As I have seen a spoonful of the scene culture of the early 2000's obviously I was too young. That was until the rawring 20's have came upon us and I have decided that why not let my inner self finally feel fulfilled.  Of course its the usual situation of living with a god fearing family but for those who are in the comunity whether it has been years or even days do you have any tips?

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Reply by NCNH


Good to hear how you are being more accepting of your own needs.
When it comes to communities and subcultures, the value is limited to the locals who comprise such collectives.

And with most social trends, the age factor remains a strong predictor for integration success. The distribution of ages usually always follows a long tail shaped distribution with a strong uptake in highschool with those in their 20's being the bulk of the active crowd of any group. Activity tends to drop off as people age even though they are still part of the subculture.

There is nothing more frustrating than putting yourself out there, going into spaces and finding your company is with boorish young people.

The best advice is to have someone close to you whom you can trust to go along with you to gatherings in meatspace (once pandemic has been dealt with).

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Reply by xX_rainbowrex_<3


What kind of tips do you want? Are you asking about fashion or how to deal with your family or something else?

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Reply by ajdajddlek123


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