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Makeup Holy Grails

What are some of your favorite makeup, skincare, or beauty products that you swear by and why? I think this could be a cool way for others to discover some new products or have questions answered about products they might have been curious about (:

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Reply by Kylie


The Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner, Shadow, and Brow Pigment by Kat Von D is literally the best eyeliner out there for it's price ($21), and it comes in 17 colors. It's pigmented, very easy to apply, and very hard to get off after it dries. I introduced my girlfriend to it and now instead of getting up at 2am to do her eyeliner before work, she can sleep in it and it will still look perfect in the morning.  I like to use the Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D as well to outline it to get very precise and sharp wings.

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