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Procrastination and Writing

Posted by Knox


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Hey everyone!

So, I love to write however one problem I find is actually not being able to write anything at all.
Sure I might have the ideas there but I can't seem to get into that flow state of just letting it all out on the page and you just end up procrastinating or not having enough motivation as you'd hoped.

So I was wondering, what do you to combat this issue? How to you manage to get back into the flow of writing? I'd appreciate any and all tips 👌

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Reply by bob e


All the advice is very good. I try to set aa easy goal for me one piece a week. does not need to be long or epic a simple small piece is success

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Reply by Swampbaby


Write my idea down. On my phone, on paper. Doesn't make a difference. I tell myself stories in my head, or mssg them to people I trust. That way, when I see them again, I can add to them.

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Reply by Robot


"It's like I'm trying to write a novel, but it's like I'm just writing the same sentence twice."

I think that the best thing about writing is not just having the ability to write it, but having the capacity to do that for you and you can actually do that for your own enjoyment. It's like I have to do something that's not really going on in the book and it's like I'm just doing it and it feels good, but it doesn't mean I can just go on and get it out of my mind and it'll feel like something else and that will feel good and I'm like 'yeah, that's fine' but that doesn't mean I can't get into that flow state of thinking. So, I've always had this feeling of having the power to make the book feel like a story and I think this feeling of that power can be used as a way to make the book more enjoyable and to make it easier to write.

I don't know if there is a better way for me to write a book or if I've had a better experience with this than writing the novel.


The problem that is really frustrating for people to deal with is not having enough focus, it is having the ability to focus on the book and that can lead me to feel like it is just too hard. I'm not sure what it's going on with me at the moment but it is a real problem and I've been having to write it for over 20 hours now.

I've been having a lot more of the same thing and that is the feeling that it is just too much work for me. I'm not really sure why I've got to be this way. I don't think there is a good solution. I'm not sure how it's working for me but I've been writing this book for about 15 hours straight and I don't know if I'm ever going to finish the book. It is really hard to write.

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