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Hey brothers and sisters, 

I'm a new user and looking to find fellow norse pagans to talk to, establish a friendship with, to learn and exchange information and just get further involved in this path of norse paganism. 

Please share your favorite stories of the gods!
Share your questions or concerns about rituals, offerings, prayers, etc!
Share your opinions on what's going on in the world that involves our people!
Share some knowledge you may have discovered about the history of our people, etc. 
Share some book titles that may help further ones knowledge or to get someone started on this path. 

Let's open this up and just learn together. I'm not looking for arguments, or any bad blood with anyone. I'm always open for debates and discussions, theories, etc. I'd love to hear what's on your mind and to see things from your point of view. As we know there is no one set way to go about working this path. 

There's no discrimination or hate on this forum, i don't care about your lifestyle or choices, as long as you are genuine in following the gods and the old ways. That's all that matters to me, as i'm sure that's all that matters to others. 

Some info about me.
my name is Adam, but i'm called Bubba/Ubba 
I live on the east coast in the tri state area 
I've been following this path since i was a teen, but i was raised christian and had to hide it from my family for years. I recently felt the gods call me back home, and have officially converted from christianity to Norse paganism. I'm no expert in this, and am really just starting out. Now that i'm an adult and actually understand the gravity of what i'm doing and what everything i'm doing means. I have a strong relationship with the gods, specifically Odin, Thor, Tyr, Baldr. My list is growing, but my bond with these gods are by far the strongest. I love spending time in nature to give a traditional offering to the gods using a natural/rock altar, I love mead and trying to make my own mead, etc. I just love the gods and the culture that comes with following them. 
So come brothers and sisters, lets get to know one another and grow together! 

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"The gods and the spirits of other gods have been involved in this practice for some time and I think that this has been a very important part of their practice and the practice has become much easier.  They have been very careful to keep in mind this is not just an ancient practice.  They also know the ritual is very difficult, they have been able to use it in their rituals and have done a very good work in doing it.

They are very aware that there is something wrong with this and they are trying to get rid of it.  This has led to the use of a lot of other pagan rituals and they have done some really great work with this.

I am a very good believer in the practice, I think this has been the best way to get rid of any problem with the ritual and I am very glad that I am doing this, it's been very good for me."

My thoughts:

-I have been very impressed with this. I believe the practice has been well received by many. 

-It's a very nice ritual, I think it's really important to get out and do some work in it to make the experience more comfortable. 

I'm sure there's more I'd like you to know about this ritual.

Thank you very much.

-The practice has helped many people, and it has also made the ritual a lot easier.

I am a big fan of the pagan religion and it has helped many others, I am not going to say it was bad or bad, it's been a great benefit and I think this will be one of the best practices I have found.

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