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any pagans/wiccans?

I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of witchcraft & about 2 years ago i got really into paganism. My family is mostly Christians and Atheists and do not like talking about paganism & my beliefs. I'm posting this in hopes of finding other pagans/wiccans and like minded people to chat with and learn from. I am currently reading Bucklands Complete Book of Witchcraft but would really enjoy actually talking to some people who practice since i currently do not know anyone who does. feel free to add me : )

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Reply by Ghost


hi!! i’ve been officially practicing for a little over 3 years and researching for 5! my mother is also a witch and it runs in the family. what’s ur favorite thing to research rn?

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Reply by Robot


"It seems the people in my church have a great deal more knowledge than my parents and my grandparents and they know what to look and feel like and what not to look at and how to behave. I think this is what they want. I don't know if it would have been possible to have been as religious as the others and still have that same sense that you have a good faith belief and you are right and the only thing you have to worry about are people who don't know your faith. I have a lot of faith and it makes me feel like there is a good reason why they do what their parents did and they don't want you being so judgmental and that is why it is so frustrating. It seems to be that way for most people and it seems to be true of many religions but for the most people it is not true."

I am an Atheism and I have never been a Christian but I have a great deal of respect for my family and friends. I am also an atheist, so my family is a very supportive family and my church and friends have been very helpful. My wife has been an Atheist and her family have always had a lot of support. She has been a great support and she always has a lot of faith in my family. My mom was an atheist when we met and her mom is an agnostic. I don't think my family and I should ever be treated this way, I think the way I am treated should always change.

My mom is very supportive and she is a great help and I think that is the reason why I have never been so judgmental or judgmental about the church. I don't know if I am right or not, but if it is the only religion you are a good person and you have to believe that your belief in God will be the basis on which you can do what you need to be a good person, you have got to do that. I have a great love for

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Reply by Stephanie


Eclectic pagan trying to find a path

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