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Piercers, Tattoo Artists, and Body Mods Artists

Are you a professionally licensed piercer, tattoo artist, or body mod artist (or want to be)? Let's chat and network here! Talk all about your job, it's highs and lows, what you did and didn't expect, anything that comes to mind!

I'm an aspiring piercer. I've been going around the internet trying to find local piercing groups to try and establish connections but to no avail. Nevertheless, I do want to talk about my passion with others at the very least. I must have read every legal state document related to piercing about five times over. Thankfully, I've got a tattoo artist friend who is helping me look out for apprenticeships. The pandemic sure isn't helping but I will get there!
I've got central labret and septum piercings so far, only scratching the surface of future plans. Tattoos and body mods are definitely in the future.

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Reply by daisha


Hi I'm also an aspiring piercer! I literally scower the internet everyday for apprenticeships and amount to nothing, at least near me anyway, it really sucks.

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Reply by KoleSlaw


Tattooer of 10 years here :) I also do permanent cosmetics, and have my license to do piercing as well, but I don't pierce.. it always made me queasy. lol. 

Just move to HTX in June from Arkansas. 

As for apprenticeship advice, just be aware that there are definitely plenty of shops who will take advantage of you. Don't just jump at the first sign of an apprenticeship somewhere.. make sure it's a place you trust the people you'll be working with. My apprenticeship was pretty horrible, but I survived it. Best way to get a good one is to find a shop you yourself would get pierced/tattooed in and get work done! Build a relationship with the shop and show them your interest in the industry! Hope that helps. If you need any other advice, just let me know! <3

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Reply by Cunningham011


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