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What's up, my name is Rex. I have an 07 Chevy Express that I spent 2020 turning into an offgrid work/adventure van. It has solar electricity, roof vent fan, fresh water, TV, xbox, and a pullout couch/bed. I built everything I could from scratch. I use it for traveling for my job. Cuts out alot of living expenses, i.e. hotels.  I still have so many projects lined up for the future of the van. Does anyone else here do the Vanlife thing? I'd like to hear about your rigs. Thanks for reading. 🤙🤙🤙

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Hey Rex, that sounds awesome!! The vanlife sounds so appealing lol, I’d like to try it way in the future when I’m financially stable. How much did it cost you to renovate your van? Any notable experiences or stories so far? Id love to hear about anything you want to share about the vanlife!

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Reply by Helios (he)


I'm not vanlife, and I'm currently homebumming. I'll be back on the year next year, though. I can hang out with some rubbertrumps, though!

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