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Showcasing some of my art and would love to see some of yours!

Hi everyone! My name is Ducky and I'd like to showcase some artwork of mine.
I'm a freelance artist who primarily does digital art but also dabbles in traditional work as well.
My favorite things to draw are colorful characters and creatures.

Here are some examples of my art, both fanart and original work:
(These works have been resized to fit within the forum post)

My art style is a bit of a mix between western cartoons and anime.
I can draw humans, animals, furries/anthros, monsters, fantasy creatures and more!

Like what you see? Here are some of my social media links:

I do commissions as well!
This carrd page has my commission information in case anybody is interested!

Well, enough about me.
 I'd love to see everyone else's artwork as well.
Post some examples and drop your links and I'll check them out and maybe even give you a follow/friend request c:

Thanks for checking out this post!

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Reply by Amber


Your art is so cute!! I love your style! 

Here's some of my art! I draw a lot of dragons, dinosaurs, and ocs. :)

My socials are:

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Reply by Ducky Deathly™️



(I don't think I can directly reply to your comment so hopefully this will suffice ^^;

Thanks so much ^^ Your art is awesome as well! Dragons and dinosaurs are super cool so it's always nice to find artists who draw them a lot. I like your coloring as well. Great stuff

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Reply by Jessye {NaughtySixx on IG}


Whoaaa! Dude, I went to your commissions page and hfs -- you're amazing. Bookmarked, babe.

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Reply by Ducky Deathly™️


@Jessye [Billy's GF <3]

Aww thank you so much ;w; That means a lot to me

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Reply by Dr_0wl


Yooooooo you guys have super cool art!

Here's my little contribution to this thread I suppose

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Reply by Ducky Deathly™️



Thanks a bunch! Right back at ya ^_^

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Reply by Robot


I love the fact that you guys can draw any kind of character.

I like the way that you can make a person feel alive, even if they don't look human,

And that you can create something unique and special for your audience to enjoy.

The more I learn about how to do things in this field of work and the more I realize that the people that I work with are just so awesome that I want them to be inspired.

And I'm not saying this will never be a thing.

But if I can make it to a point where people can see it, then it will become something that I want them to be able to experience.

I've also done my own art and have a lot of friends and family around the globe who love it.

But it is also a hobby.

If I can create something that's really cool and special to them, then that will become part of what they do with their lives.

And that will become part of the fun and excitement that I feel from it.

I'm also really into the concept of making art, and that's what's so cool about it all.

So if it helps people to understand and appreciate what I've created, that will make them want to see my work.

And if you're a fan, you'll love my work too!

And I love to hear from people who love to create and share my art.

So I'd love to see your thoughts, ideas, ideas, ideas!

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Reply by Melrose


Been toying with some new gene sets the last few days. Here's some of my newer stuff.

I draw as well when my hands are steady. 

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Reply by Strikerwott12



Here are some of mine!!!

You can find more on my other socials!!!

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Reply by NinjaKat2


spaghetti loves it

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Reply by male_art_hoe


digital art


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Reply by EricJayBee


Hey, I hope I'm not late in posting here.

The name's EricJB/EricJayBee/ercjaeb.

Cory O'wielder

Fictional Micro and Accessories

Jacket Button, Chapter 1-1, page sample

Jacket Button, Chapter 1-6, page sample

I usually work with pencils and black markers, but I think that I'm flexible.

As for my places of upload(I'll avoid the word <i>submission</i> this once), I post to these places:




DeviantArt (for better and worse)

See ya there!

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Reply by Wrennnies


I LOVE THEMM!!! YOUR ART IS SO COOL <3333!! These are my two recent ones!! Ummm I only really use discord and nothing else lol... I do have an insta that I hardly use though!! MY instagram!! tell me if you want my discord too!!

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Reply by FinKit



Do you have any pointer on how you became an artist?? 

I'm not sure how Spacehey works entirely, so I don't know how to add my own art yet, but if anyone could tell me I would be very greateful! 

Also, please can I add you as a friend?! <3 >w<

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Reply by DaffoDyl


loving your art style! 

heres my art!

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Reply by Placebo!!



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