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Post a poem about 2020

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-C.Buck / Env0-Writes.Tumblr.com

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really cool. i love the cadence. started following ur tumblr, excited to see more

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Reply by Natty


  1. Question everything 
  2. Trust nothing 
  3. This is the year 2020
  4. Where smart became stupid
  5. And stupid became smart 

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Reply by Kyori


i really dig this, fr

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Reply by Env0


Thank you Deranged Derrick, 

and thank you everyone else.
I hope to keep you interested with my writing. 

This was back from I think 2 weeks into Shelter In Place. So late March.

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Reply by Ducky


Let's ditch red and blue.
Twenty twenty you were shit.
Stimulus check please

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Reply by XxpaigerawrxX




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Reply by Roze


Little did they know what was to approach, 
2020, that bitch, snuck in like a roach 

Many living in fear and dread, 
she ate a bat is what they said 

worse then the flu 
Americans had no clue 

until it was too late 
quarantine was our fate 

- Me (Rose Miller) 

just at the top of my head lmafo

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Reply by Erica


Good job :)

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Reply by hrh eliott!


Carved my arm with a crescent moon

Burnt my tongue on a silver spoon
I'm flirting with a girl in the waiting room
Just waiting for this year to end.
It's cool, we can still be friends.

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Reply by Traciiip


Really could feel 2020 in that! 

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Reply by Kani


"Look", she said,
and gestured to the cluster of swirling shadows
concerned with the purity of The Moment
weaving and turning in circles.
"It's a sign of the end times."
A cloud, or fog,
or smog,
or what they are,
not what I say they are.

We pass beneath them, her and I,
and others,
ones that can't afford to do without thought,
act without seeing.
My face hurts.

I'm aware the leaves are dying,
the grass is dried.
The sun's burned out
and the world tucks itself in
and waits to see what happens next
like it's unsure of the story it's being told.
My ears burn.

On a greater scale of reference than a short wait with uneasy organs can produce,
what has and will be mean little.
It's happened before.
On a greater scale of reference than a keen eye to dates and figures can produce,
what has and will be mean even less.
It's like a billboard, an obnoxious ad.
It'll happen again.
My nose runs.

You'd do best to recall the billboards and ads made the noses exposed.
Billboards and ads made you get screamed at
and billboards and ads left you alone,
you know.
I do know.
I do know and I don't know.
It seems like two logs in the same fire.
Don't think of fire so unfondly when you can't feel your face.

"Look," she said,
and her rigid fingers took my arm
and made me gesture to the blur of reds,
blues, greys,
blacks, whites,
weaving and turning, again,
in a sense,
in circles in front of me.
"It's a sign of the end times".
An idea,
one I caught from closeness and carelessness,

time and mutation.

They pass by us, each and every one,
us and others,
ones that cannot afford to be without sound,
live without meaning.
I'm frozen over.

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Reply by Env0


I am loving all the creative responses you all have had to this!

Also thank you to those who have commented enjoyment of it!

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Reply by ari <3


i loved it : ) your style dramaticsizes 2020 in the best way. 

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Reply by Shadow Bliss


The best I can do is a limerick:

There was the year Twenty twenty
Before a month we had plenty
Of all the shit
We all had fits
From one disaster too many.

Its not perfect but...its my best.

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Reply by SE7EN Ω


things happen for reasons,
though the path is not always clear
for one to exist the other must cease,
its within this duality ive found myself

while an eternal forge runs deep,
continuing to keep me awake in my sleep
so that one day i may re-emerge,
and continue to create my destiny

to grow?
or to stagnate?
am i truly living?
or barely existing?


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Reply by Poe_thetic_lie_sense


All I Taste is Freedom

The world is closed behind masked nose, 
but locked-in is my freedom.
Behind white lies, I no longer hide,
No social pressure -- Freedom.

And then it's real, the guilt I feel
for all I taste is freedom.
How strange the range of pain you feel
imprisoned by your freedom.

They say you lose your sense of taste,
those not inclined to treason,
but while the world covid unfurled
all I taste is freedom.

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Reply by Tobias


Started with a sting,
Brush it off and start anew.
Yet new year, brings spring.

People come and go,
Never noticing others.
Continuing flow.

Some begin to see,
others will fall behind them,
"I'm better", they deem.

Some refuse notice,
until they are affected.
Causing harm to, "us".

Cause and affect, lost.
Is your ignorance, worth it?
Really, tell. At what cost?

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Reply by onefastshop


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Reply by UrlocalPossum


The Year I Lost Everything

Staying home wasn’t so sad.

It was comforting, no one would berate me, nor judge me.

It was never too loud, too cramped, too smelly.

I didn’t have to act.

No more performances.

I could still talk to everyone, even if not face to face.

I could talk to me dearest love, even when I didn’t know at the time, that it was love. 

However the schools have a watchful eye.

Don’t be too careless, lest you lose everything.

I learned the hard way.

It was a warning at first, and while the time apart from my friends and my love was treacherous, I got them back.

However the second time, was when it all fell apart. 

Mother’s shouts still echo from time to time.

I lost my dearest love. 

No longer allowed to talk to them.

My friends, forced to leave, because I couldn’t learn when to keep my mouth shut.

The one who stayed, would turn into a monster in a few years.

I opened my eyes to see, several friends, had thorns all along, to love them was to hurt yourself.

My dearest love would turn their back on me come next year, as they grew into a monster, spewing venom to those who love them.

The comfort, the group I established, broken, I scramble to keep what little I have left and replace what I lost.

Yet as is life, those pieces were never truly replaced. 

And now, I can no longer claim to be the same person I was back then. 

The person I loved dearly I now wish to rip apart and watch their wretched face twist in fear.

The people I considered friends now appear monsters to me.

I have broken more than ever.

What remains is a husk, a shell, aimless pieces with no unifying qualities.

Or maybe that is what I was all along.

I just only realize now after being trapped in my head.

Forced to confront myself.

Forced to be truly alone.

Now everyone is happy to be back.

They embrace and rejoice.

They never truly said goodbye.

They would return.

Yet what do I have to greet me?


Nothing but the hole in my chest where my heart once was.

Nothing but the growing emptiness that eats away at my bones.

Nothing but the gnawing fear in my brain.


I lost everything that year.

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