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Hollow Knight!

This game has so much to it, so I feel like there are so many things to talk about. For now we can start simple and let it all go from there. 

What made you realize you loved Hollow Knight for the first time?

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Reply by steb•wash


Yo, when posting ur topic make sure u select the proper forum to post it to.  Looks like u meant to post this to the Games forum but ended up posting it to the Art and Photography forum because that's the first one on the list in the drop down box.  I made this goof as well when I made my first couple topics so I'm just tryna look out for my fellow Spaceheyers!  It's confusing because if ur already in the forum you're trying to post in, you still have to select the proper forum when actually making ur topic.

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Reply by NinjaKat2


hollow spaghetti

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Reply by Spiral


Hollow Knight helped me survive quarantine in 2020 and SOMEHOW managed to help me with my crippling fear of insects. I mean, I'm still largely afraid of them, but it has gotten better after I played the game.

It has a really neat, simple art style that I appreciate and I like drawing little HK-esque creatures, like moths and stuff. 10/10 game!

P.S. Silksong has officially received an age rating in Russia and South Korea, so this implies that there is a functioning prototype of the full game out there, somewhere, just out of reach to us. Maybe we'll get to play it this year... Maybe.

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