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All Bi myself

Well I figured I start up a thread and why not for Bi people like myself ya know ( and yes pun intended I love me a good pun) and why not get the ball rolling in the same thread here so... heres some info

Me: Kit The Vampire KItty ( will give real name to close friends etc...)
Age 34
Gender: Male
Sexuality: if you missed the twice it was mentioned Bi
Relationship status: single as a pringle sadly
Hobbies and Etc are mostly labeled on profile if I catch your interest feel free to message or friend me and feel free to post in the thread here  

Dont be shy and say hi!

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Reply by Jedwin


Hey how r u doing today? I am bi but prefer men over women because I just can't deal with the drama that comes along with it.

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Reply by kirsten


I'm bi but prefer women

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Reply by DenisBrown


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