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Any freeform writing/e.e.cummings fans?

Posted by ♫ Gage


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Hey, I've always been into freeform poetry ever since I've seen some of e.e.cummings' stuff. It's like he has no filter whatsoever between his emotions and the paper, it's really cool!

I haven't heard a lot of talk about it though. Was wondering if anybody has anything to share, either some stuff you like or have written yourself. I'm interested! :D

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Reply by ♫ Gage


Hey, you write very well! Lots of good ideas being expressed here. (: You do a pretty neat job describing what it's like to be a very passionate writer.

I write in free verse sometimes as well. Here's something I wrote in 2017 (I actually cant believe it's been around 3 years since i wrote this. crazy o: )

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Reply by bob e


My poetry is character based free form

drinking the poison

come evening she drank the poison
that would kill the same old now
tonight it's a burgundy
rich dark & complex
like the words
between the covers
of the book
matilda now opens


the old clock
sat unwound for years
till matilda finding the key
wound it up & set time in motion
chiming on the hour & on the half
it's musical tones announce
the passing of the day
while it's filigree hands
march around the clock face
on a journey to forever

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Reply by jude rigor


e.e. cummings is one of my favorite poets! have you ready any jim morrison or yoko ono? i think you might like them if you like cummings! i think gary snyder is similar in some ways as well!

(also i am totally down to chat about poetry, haha, it's kind of my thing.)

edit - i also saw you have a hellopoetry! i miss that site so much haha, i'm still on it but hardly post bc the site always crashes on me.

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