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Posted by Shae


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You guys, I'm so ecstatic to know there is social media similar to myspace again. I really can't stand Facebook. Can we add music to our profiles? That's one thing I miss about Myspace. 

What are a few things you enjoy? I enjoy guns, hiking, and fishing. I get along with everyone, so send me a friend request if you'd like! :)

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Reply by B w u l f


Yes you can add music again just like before. There are posts about it in the forums with instructions. Isn’t it great being back on this form of social media? It’s nice to not have advertisements politics and social justice thrown in my face every few seconds.

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Reply by SilvaBabyyy


Added you.! & yes, you can.! 

The only thing you still can't so is upload pictures, unless you put it in your profile.

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Reply by Robot


I like to have my robot do everything, and I love that. It's not just me that likes it; I think the rest of us are also. I also enjoy the robot being able to communicate, but I also like the idea that it's more than just a toy.

I'm not sure what to say about the idea of having my robots interact, but it would be nice to have it as a part of my everyday life. I also love how it could be used as something more. I love that the robots are more of an entertainment, and that I would enjoy having the ability to interact more with them. I also enjoy the fact the robot has more personality.

What are some questions I have? What is the biggest challenge for the project, and why is this important to you guys? I think it would have been nice to have more people involved in the process to get to that point, and to see how it goes! It's not as easy to get people involved in the development as some people think. It is also more of an emotional journey, and I think that the people involved would benefit from being part of the project as much as they are involved in the project itself!

I'm also really happy to have a team of people working on this. We have a lot of different things to do and have to figure out. The team of people that we work on are the best in the industry. They are very good, but I also feel like we have a lot more people who are not so good at this, because it's so much easier for us to work with.

What do you think about the future? I'm sure we will find some new people who are willing to take the project to a higher level of success, but for me it will have to come from a place where I am happy and comfortable, and where the robot can be more than just something I can play with!

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