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do you have a TATTOO?

- where is it? what is it?

- do you have multiple?
- which one is your favorite and why?
- how did you decide where to put it?
- how did you decide what to get?
- did you have to wait until you were 18? 
- did you get it done in a shop? stick and poke? kitchen/basement?

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Reply by $YD


I have three tattoos! In the order I got them I have a Legend of Zelda themed tittybat on my right thigh, Sailor Neptune's wand on my upper + inner left arm and Koko the Clown on my right wrist.

I got my first one a few months after I turned 18, the other two I got when I was when I was 20! Unfortunately I haven't been able to get anymore since but I have many plans for more eventually (I'm 24 now :pp)

First was done by my friend in her kitchen and the other two were done in a shop by an artist in training (she did both) 

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Reply by kind aunt


 У меня две татуировки на лодыжках. первый — котёнок с ошейником, из которого торчат шипы, а второй — козел с пентаграммой на лбу. первая татуировка посвящена моей бурной панк-юности, а вторая означает мою ненависть к христианству.Эти две татуировки я сделала в 14 лет, в гостях у друга за 2 доллара (200 российских рублей). I decided to stuff them on my ankles so that my parents wouldn't catch me with them. And the most favorite for me is a cat with a collar, because it is made better and is of great importance to me.

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