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Hide the "links" section?

Does anyone have a code to hide just the links section title please?Β πŸ‘€

Also is there a code to change the names of other titles? Like so rather than "Interests" or "Blurbs", it'd say something else?


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Reply by Ivan


Hi, try this:

.table-section:last-of-type {
Β  Β  display: none;

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Reply by ssjade’🌸


It’s not working on my page.. where do I post it?Β 

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Reply by π™Ÿπ™Ÿ fetti🎢Ωͺ ΰ£ͺ Φ΄ΦΆΦΈ


you copy & paste it on your "About Me", doesn't matter where it just has to be in there. then you put <> around the word style in before the code and then </> with the same word after the code

see if that works for you...! this certainly worked for me, thank you for the code @Ivan

like this

*here* "style" *here* .table-section:last-of-type {
Β  Β  display: none;
} *here* "/style" *here*

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