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Image hosting! (Quick tutorial)

Posted by Melrose


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Spacehey is a one and done for image hosting, only your profile image and that's it. But it was created with the idea of sticking to the original Myspace design and I respect the heck out of that. 

So, in order to help some of the folks looking for tricks and tips for hotlinking, or image hosting for sharing pictures, art, photos and what not on here, I'm building a host link list from a variety of different sources. 

  • https://postimage.io/ (Unlimited Bandwidth, Free to use, has an option to opt out of image compression during upload.)
  • https://lensdump.com (Unlimited Bandwidth, Raw Uncompressed Image, Keeps Exif Data, More features for registered users and Free to use, 100MB max image file size)
  • http://cubeupload.com/ (Amazing and simple interface, Unlimited Bandwidth, Raw Uncompressed images, Free to use, 5MB max image file size)
  • https://imgur.com (Compresses images, biased and deletes images based on their own opinion, generally safe for public use.)
  • https://flickr.com (This one is not for everyone, it is basically a service to showcase your artistic work but works as image host as well, owned by Yahoo!)
  • https://imgbb.com/ (Simple set up, very easy to upload and get a link, clean interface, 10/10 for free and paid users.)
  • https://www.imagebam.com/ (Another simplistic set up image host site. Looks to have good free services, no compression loss, and direct linking available.)
  • http://www.imagetitan.com/ (Good for multiple image uploads at a time, has a zip file option for compiled images, and looks to have decent compression without warping the image quality. Worth a shot.)
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