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Planting a Virtual Church: Part 1: The idea of it all...

Preface - I figured I'd share because people are looking to do church differently nowadays since the pandemic. If you're not Christian or a non-believer don't feel inspired to reply. It's not to start a dialogue about the Bible - I'm just sharing my journey in reaching people through different means - those that want to hear and are interested. 

In 2020 I lost a lot of my preaching engagements and had to think outside the box. How do I share the Gospel of Christ and keep people safe? Thus beginning my online ministry Your Moment Ministries. It's about preparing you for your moment - the moment where God calls on you to do a work - or maybe help someone - or talk to you directly. 

So things are going great when I come across this other network called PraiseWorld3D. Think Second Life but with a Christian flair to it. The next thing I know the idea of planting a Virtual Church comes into play and everyone is all in. So I'm thinking to reach out to Christian gamers and those who are curious. 

I think this is the way to go...right? Stay tuned for Part 2  I'll post photos of the church!

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"It was a great event, I was really happy with how it went and it's a good way of getting to the heart of what we need to do to get there." - John

"The people at this event are great, they are a very nice and welcoming people and the atmosphere is great. The people there are very nice, they are friendly. They're all really good. It is really nice and it really does get you going.

- The Pastor -

The Pastor - I am a very experienced and well-read pastor, and I have been doing a few seminars and I am very proud to have had a chance with the pastor and to see him do it. I'm also a very nice man who has had a few problems with the church. I've been to the local churches and I know a couple that I've been very lucky to have a couple friends with and they all are really nice people.

- The Pastor -

- I'm very grateful that the event is taking place, I am a big believer, I've seen the Bible in many different places and I'm a huge supporter of this church and I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out." - The Pastor - "The Pastor"

I am not a religious person. But this event is very much about my personal experience.

- The Pastor -

I am a Christian. But it doesn't matter what you are or what you do or what you think, if it helps you, then I am happy with it. It's all about you. It doesn't matter how many things you do. You can't just do whatever it takes. It doesn't matter what you believe in.

"I am a big believer in this church and I am looking forward to the experience. I hope that I have a lot more people that are interested in doing the right things. If you have a problem with a religion or a belief that isn't right, or something that isn't in the Bible

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