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Nissan Micra K11

Posted by Ramm


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I'm finally looking at learning to drive this year, seems like delivery jobs are the way to go in the pandemic. Nissan Micra K11s are cheap, apparently reliable, plentiful, and I think they're pretty aesthetically pleasing. They're neat in a way that I don't quite feel able to articulate, but some of it could be nostalgia because my family had two of them back in the 2000's.

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Reply by heathermason


those are actually pretty good cars for cheap. i support it.

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Reply by Ramm


You necrobumped this from two years ago lol.

I didn't learn to drive back then, but now I'm looking at it more seriously as I have money to invest in lessons.

And now I'm looking at a Morris Minor. As the Minor is an historic vehicle, it's exempt from ULEZ and road tax. It also only needs classic car insurance, which is substantially cheaper. They go for a few thousand in decent condition.

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