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Is Freestyle music considered EDM?

For those that don't know, Freestyle was born in the 80's with Techno and electronic House. Dance Music made with Electronic equipment. I don't see Freestyle named anywhere online along with EDM influences. Just posting this here to see opinions.

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Reply by Foreign Swagcent


Connie - Funky Little Beat
Trinere - They're Playing Our Song
Jaya - If You Leave Me Now
Stevie B - Spring Love

Jossette - In a Dream
Lil Suzy - Promise Me
Jocelyn Enriquez - I Been Thinking About You
Planet Soul - Set You Free

Freestyle was the first electronic music to have radio success in the 80's then the radio trend died and it went underground. A lot of Freestyle is based on the Planet Rock kick, really from Kraftwerk. 

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