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Posted by swchr


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Talk all things Yakuza here! What's your favorite Yakuza game here?

(p.s. Yakuza 6 is not bad, y'all are just perfectionists)
(p.s. 2 LAD is not that fun due to the gameplay. Story's great!)

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Reply by Sara


I'm still playing through the series, I finished 0 and Kiwami, still waiting for my gpu so I can play K2 (it uses dragon engine so I need something that is mid-range by today's standards)
For the two games I've played so far, 0 is my fav, Kiwami feels a little worse boss wise and fighting wise, EXP system isn't really my thing, I preferred the Money for upgrades system over it

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Reply by swchr


I see, you're gonna love the rest of it. I played 0, 1, 2 on a PS2 emulator, skipped 3 due to the combat simply being unfun but watched it on YouTube, then 4 is really quite something. 5 is.. idk. It's good but it's weird. 6 is wonderful too and 7.. never played due to the combat.

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