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I want friends but I dislike people.

Posted by Anna Mae


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Add me if you :

Aren't a rabid leftist.

Don't hate America.

Comprehend that we have constitutional rights for a reason. 

Understand what the founding fathers intended for us. 

Aren't a social justice warrior. 

Add me if you :

Believe EVERYONE has human rights, including children.

Believe children should be treated with respect and protected from harm.

Believe boys have as much right to genital autonomy as girls do in America.

Believe innocent life is sacred/Are pro-life.

Are down with public & natural term breastfeeding.

Believe there are 2 genders and that its OK if they're different. 

Add me if you :

Are into nerd stuff.

Have a boatload of kids. 

Don't mind seeing my right leaning political posts.

Give a f*ck about our country. 

Have pet rats lol.

Add me if you :
Believe in our right to freedom of speech and are against the massive censoring going on with other social media sites. 

Add me if you are a genuine person who doesn't mind authentic people and frank conversation.

Obviously you don't have to meet all of these requirements I just wanna put it out there what I'm after in a friend. If you wanna know anything more about me as a person, just ask. I'm an open book. 

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Reply by Nein MC


Believe in our right to freedom of speech
Until you can't handle arguments and just call people slurs or outright ignore them, right? You're a hypocrite, and what you're looking for is comrades, not friends.
Friends are predetermined; friendship takes place between men and women
who possess an intellectual and emotional affinity for each other. But
comradeship — that ecstatic bliss that comes with belonging to the crowd
in wartime — is within our reach. We can all have comrades. The danger
of the external threat that comes when we have an enemy does not create
friendship; it creates comradeship. And those in wartime are deceived
about what they are undergoing. And this is why once the threat is over,
once war ends, comrades again become strangers to us. This is why after
war we fall into despair.

In friendship there is a deepening of our sense of self. We become,
through the friend, more aware of who we are and what we are about; we
find ourselves in the eyes of the friend. Friends probe and question and
challenge each other to make each of us more complete; with
comradeship, the kind that comes to us in patriotic fervor, there is a
suppression of self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-possession.
Comrades lose their identities in wartime for the collective rush of a
common cause — a common purpose.

In comradeship there are no demands on the self. This is part of its
appeal and one of the reasons we miss it and seek to recreate it.
Comradeship allows us to escape the demands on the self that is part of
-- Chris Hedges, "War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning"

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Reply by Anna Mae


Bruh. Literally none of what you've said is legit and you are one of the reasons I don't like "talking" (aka debating & going in cirlces just to be discredited based on disagreement & branded a preapproved enemy title) to Leftists & commie wannabes. Enjoy your high horse, its no skin off my nose. 💁 I don't wanna be friends with people like you anyway lol. 

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Reply by ☆゚.*CosmicOcean*.゚☆


>wants friends

>posts excessive and outlandish list of requirements for friendship
>profile states that if we don't know you to "fuck off"

just be authentic and say you don't actually want friends. also, Nein is right; the term you're looking for is comrade. the only one here on a high horse is you. maybe other people aren't the problem. maybe it's you.

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Reply by root


only friend your getting seems to be the bot lol

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Reply by Kattarshian


>be you

>wants friends
>list of outlandish requirements
>expect friends

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