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I've started buying a rando bottle of whiskey per paycheck trying to get educated and stuff. So far I find I really like Peaty Islay stuff (Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Lagavulin) ... Tend to dislike Irish (Although Green Spot is my jam) & that my favourite bourbon is regular (not double-oak) Woodford's. Also this is probably wasteful but the single best whisky to spike your own coffee drink with is Glenfarclas 10. 

Where are my whiskey people at??

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Reply by Killeesi


Whiskey is my go to. I have 2 boys if I had one more I'd name him Jake but I have a William and Jameson. (no I didn't name them after whiskey it just turned out that way. I love old english and irish names.) My 3 fav whiskeys . Jake fire is the danger zone⚠️ I can't stop at one lol. I also prefer whiskey on the rocks no mixen. I like irish whiskey I also like to drink irish cream in my coffee. Don't need no sugar it's sweet enough lol. 🥃

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Reply by Land of Sky Beer Waters


I actually don’t know too much about hard liquor but I have had various whiskeys in my time. I suppose if I were to start, I’d rather get get some from Kentucky, Tennessee and etc where it’s most popular.

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