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If You're Trying to Make Money Online...

For those of you who want to or have been in the "make money online" space, what if I told you it's WAY easier than what it looks like?

For instance, the whole "create your own online business" shtick. You can do that, but you need sales, right? How do you get sales? The old-fashioned way: ADS.

I don't care what you've heard. You cannot make your first sales without ads. (And, yes, I said "sales" as in MULTIPLE.)

You can post into the void with hashtags and keywords all you want, but if your posts, videos, and blogs don't reach the right people, you're screwed.


So how do you make it happen? Well, that depends on where you're posting your content. If you'd like help with that, you should get in touch with me.

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