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carry an OG DS or DS Lite or DSi with you

every once in a while, hop on Pictochat and try to mess with it for a solid 5 minutes

if no one shows up, feel free to do as you please

if people show up, 

HURRY, you don't have much time

tell them they're cool and chat with them for a bit

then you're done and you can play some games you brought with you like Sonic Rush or SM64DS

All in favor, say "Aye!"

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Reply by lazyComputer


seriously i love pictochat so much. i would love if they could just add that capability to this site somehow, like in the instant messages? ☆☆☆ i miss drawing over the entire page and then erasing my messages into the block

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Reply by Bottle O' Glue


totally agree

it's so fun to just draw in Pictochat

I've seen some animations people made in it, they're pretty neat

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Reply by Muse


I'm pretty sure I used to pictochat with an old friend of mine all the time if i wasn't using it as an art program LOL! I'd love to see something like it return, genuine! It probably wont because "what if people draw and send something inappropriate!" which might have been the actual reason it stopped being supported tbh, i wouldn't be surprised but like, isn't that a risk with ANY chat or message sending platform?

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Reply by ThePwnzor


i remember when i last used pictocchat i drew a penbis and sent it to thos girl i just ment

i thouht this was funny

we never talked agaein

'idk why

but it was funny


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