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Games that make you rage yet you still come back to?

Posted by Edgar Allan Hoe


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Is there a game so infuriating for you but for some unknown reason you keep coming back to?

Lately, for me its Gran Turismo 4 for the PS2, a game that panders to car nerds because unlike other racing games, stats aren't simplified down to little bars for speed, handling, brakes etc and instead you get the specs for the thing which are basically rocket science to me.

Just today I finished all the license training missions, a set of challenges you need to do to be able to participate in some races. All but only TWO completed at bare minimum bronze because they were just so hard!!! Only to get rewarded with god awful cars that are blown out of the water even in the beginner events!! All for nothing...

Is there a game that also keeps tempting you back in despite its challenges? Or do you just move on when youre not having fun? (LIKE A QUITTER)

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Reply by BoisdC0co_Xx


scott pilgrim vs the world

Somehow this game got me and idk why but i feel it hard as fuck  

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Reply by val


do not let me play mario kart 8 unsupervised

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Reply by Gluma


Hollow Knight for me. Idk it's overall difficulty rating (definitely not easy, it seems), but as someone who rarely plays games like HK, I gotta take week-long breaks to pass some bosses (whICH MAY NOT EVEN BE THE "MAIN" ONES WAAAAAA). I'm not even close to the supposed hardest parts of the game q_q but outside of fighting, I LOVE the game's world-building and art! I like exploring!

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