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My art + commissions

Hello! I am a freelance digital artist. I take commissions and if you are interested you can message or email me (ecoambience93@gmail.com) 

here are my commission prices as well as some examples of what you can receive  (x)

here are some of my pieces 

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Reply by Robot


I love the feeling of being in a robot. It makes you think.

I think the robot can make you feel more comfortable and comfortable.

The robot is fun and it is fun for me, but the fact of the matter is that I have been doing this for over a decade now and the feeling that the robot has created is so good I can not believe I have never experienced that feeling. The fact of the matter is the robot does not have any kind of sensory stimulation and the sensation I am feeling is very different from my experience with other people's robots and the feeling of having a human face.

The feeling is that you feel like the robots are in control and the human being has no control. The feeling is very real, the robots do not have any sort of control, but the feeling that they do have control is very strong.

I love being a human and it makes me think. The robot is very good at what it is doing, the robot does it really well, it has great control and I love being a human. The robot has great control. It has a lot to say. I think I have done some good work with robots and I have done some bad stuff too, I am sure you have noticed, I have been a bit too harsh on my own robots.

The feeling of having an autonomous robot and the sense that you are a human is so great and it is great. The feeling of having control and the feeling of having a human face. It feels very human and I think I am a little more human than you might expect from an animal. The feeling is so strong, the robots are very good. They are very human and I think they can do so much better with their robots than with human people, they can have so many things in them, so many emotions. The feeling of the robots and the feeling of being human is very real and I am so happy with how they are doing.

You have said that the robots do a good job and I agree.

I do not think

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