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The Aurora project

The Aurora project is a very ambitious project, which so far I am doing alone, Aurora is a kind of intelligent virtual assistant controlled by voice, the idea of Aurora is that at the time of using it you do not have to use the keyboard and mouse so much, but you could control your entire computer with your voice,  Aurora can open apps, web pages, say data, take actions, etc.

For example, you can say to Aurora:

"Open Excel"

And Aurora is immediately going to sweep away Microsoft Excel, so the idea is for Aurora to do this, automate some tasks so that you use your computer in a more comfortable way with your voice

One thing that should be clarified about Aurora is its way of activation, because Aurora will be listening to you at all times, from the moment you open the application, but to activate it you would have to say "Aurora" followed by the action you want it to do, for example:

"Aurora... Open Browser"

Following this example, if you just say "Open browser" without first saying "Aurora" then Aurora will not hear you, this was done because it becomes more accurate and understands better

When you open Aurora, it will not open in a normal window, it will open in a semi-transparent black window at the top center of the screen, where you will find the basic controls to start using it, and that window you will be able to move freely around the window, since you can be uncomfortable in some cases with the window at the top center of the screen,  Also, this window will be on top of the others, although of course, I don't want my application to become annoying for people, so there is an option to undock it from the screen with a simpke button, which makes other windows stand on top of it.

And another of the things that aurora is also going to contain is the same function that the media player created by me, Music GO!, has, and that would be the function that I call "Work in the background", this function would make Aurora continue to run but in the background, making it spend fewer resources but it was still the same assistant,  And to access it again, to its window, you could click on the icon that would be found in the Qualites icons, on the right side of the screen along with the sound, battery and Internet icons.

Version List:

Version 1.0 BETA: This is the first version, so far you can only open Office applications and open some web pages like Facebook, YouTube or other things like Bing, etc. It also has the feature of telling you the time and day we are on

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