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hair mask recommendations ??

my hair is kinda wavy and it gets frizzy allll the time so i usually have to put leave in conditioner on multiple times a day ;-;

do u think hair masks @ night would help ?? & if so which kinds ??? also if u use leave in conditioners ill take reccs for those too

btw im just one gorl and i need to save $$ so i kinda want it to to be >$15 lolol

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Reply by swaghaver


my hair is also wavy and i like to use the raw sugar healing power hair mask. you just leave it in your hair for ten minutes and then rinse it out, i usually use it when i'm showering. i also bleach my hair from time to time and i feel like using it helps with the damage. not that it completely gets rid of it but my hair ends up feeling so nice with it that you can barely tell it's damaged.

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