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How to get started working at a library?

I'm at the age where I need to start seriously thinking of what I'm going to do for my first job. 

I live in a small town and have always gone to the same small library, so everybody there knows me. I'm an avid reader, great at organization and even though I have anxiety, I hold myself really well in conversation. 

Should I get a job working at my local library? I don't care about the pay all that much since my last job paid me 5.25 an hour and anything is better than working there money-wise, and I don't have any bills to pay yet. Do I have a chance at working there? and how would I know if they were ever hiring?

And if I *shouldn't* get a job there, what kind of similar jobs should I look for?

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Reply by rockafoo


u could ask staff if the library's hiring. if not, then just look for places hiring and see if its something u see urself doing.

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Reply by Hope Jones


a lot of areas no longer hire for library pages/clarks due to cutting of funding unfortunately, so the first step would be to inquire on the types of positions your local library typically hires for and what kind of requirements for hire there are! if it doesn't work out, i currently work at a bookstore (this is my third book job!) and i enjoy it. it pays a bit better than the library jobs i've gotten offers on in the past but it's bookwork, so of course it still doesn't pay well lol. if you don't have a bookstore locally, nearby colleges would likely need folks working in their bookstores. :3 if you have any questions about bookwork, let me know!! i'd be more than happy to assist any way i can. 

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