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I Would Like to Have Assistant Later

The more productive I am and the more personal capital I have, the more I think I need an assistant. Later, I don't even have a job for now. If I have an assistant, it will really help me in my work. I like to have one personal secretary and one personal photographer later. 

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Reply by ⋆˚࿔Lilichris𝜗𝜚˚⋆


Hello! I am Lilichris and I am here looking for my first job. I dont know, if you already found someone/if you are even looking for someone, but if the position is still open I could be of help.

I am not in anyway experienced but looking for a first job is very hard nowdays. I will totally understand, if you will just ignore this as I may not be the best at first glance but I am a productivity obsessed teenager with much time on my hands!

Please direct message me if interested/if you want details. Thank you.

-Lilichris Stanková

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Reply by Sofia Rina


Thank you, but as you can see from my post, I don't have a job yet now so I don't have any income and I am unable to pay you

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