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What are some online jobs a 16 yr old can do?

Posted by Cece


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I'm 16 I have minimal work experience all I've done is I consistently do community work and i'm in quite a few extracurricular. I don't want a full-time online job, I do want to be able to pick my hours/how many projects I get paid for(I want to have a flexible schedule that I choose).I don't need to make a ton of money(I have a separate job I use to pay for gas and build savings), but I want some money to spend when hanging out with friends or just general wants

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Reply by Gluma


Your profile mentioned you draw, so my first thought was art commissions :0 Even if you don't think your skills are that good, it wouldn't hurt to attempt to advertise your art! Maybe someone just really needs someone, pro or not, to draw an OC or something, haha

Along the same lines, writing commissions are a thing. I mean, I don't know much about them nor am I sure that type of job is for you, but it's another option :P Really, I think that as long as you have some sort of creative skill/hobby, making commissions of your work is a pretty standard go-to job online. While I can't really redirect you to anywhere, I'm sure a simple Google search would give you some starting point :o

I'm sure there's other small online jobs out there, but doing commissions was my first thought, especially since you wanted to have control over your hours and projects

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Reply by Ame


what the person above said!!

if you want smth more involved, then you could try to start a youtube channel, but it takes a while to grow before you're able to earn any money. the current requirements are at least 1000 subscribers, like 300 hours of watch time for regular videos or a certain amount of views if you want to upload shorts

i also heard about this thing in a youtube video called playlist push, if you have like over 1000 followers on spotify then you can promote your playlists on stuff like pinterest and (i think) get paid if people listen to your playlists

its pretty difficult to start a part time job online, and even if you do theres usually some prerequisites you need to fill, and you need to be very motivated for stuff like that so honestly id just reccomend getting a part time job irl, ive worked 3 different jobs at 14 now, and retail sucks, but it gives you genuine work experience and its worth it 

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Reply by Cece


Thanks for the help I'll probably start a YouTube channel and open myself to commissions in the next couple of weeks, just going to wait for school to finish :D

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